Opinion Articles

THREE NEW OPINION ARTICLES (September 2009): ‘Taking the heat out of climate change‘ (People and Science, Sep/Oct, pp.5-6); ‘Time to tell new stories of climate change’ (New Scientist, 5 Sept, pp.28-29); ‘Climate change: enough science, now for the politics‘ (SciDev.Net, 3 Sept)

The Great Climate Change Hijack

(27 August)  Listen to my contributions as BBC’s environment correspondent Richard Black investigates if climate change is diverting attention away from other environmental problems such as air pollution, acid oceans and species extinction.  A summary of the argument can be found here.

Corrections and apologies

(16 July) On p.233 of Why We disagree About Climate Change, in Box 7.1, I make the statement “Risbey goes on to accuse those who do not adopt such urgent language in their descriptions of the science as failing in their civic duty in inform the public, a ‘scientific reticence’ which falls short of the […]

About the book

Why we disagree about climate change: understanding controversy, inaction and opportunity was been published by Cambridge University Press in April 2009, rrp. paperback £15.99, hardback £45. Synopsis of Why we disagree about climate change … Climate change is not a problem waiting for a solution. It is an environmental, cultural and political phenomenon which is re-shaping the way […]

ADAM project delivers its key findings

  The EU-funded ADAM project (Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: Supporting European Climate Policy) which I have been coordinating delivered its key findings at a final policy conference, in Brussels from 12-14 May 2009. The ADAM final report – Hulme,M., Neufeldt,H. and Colyer,H. (eds.) (2009)   Adaptation and mitigation strategies: supporting European climate policy.  The final report from the ADAM project.  […]

On The Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast

(11 May 2009)  Listen to this Science Weekly podcast at The Guardian newspaper: What is it about the science and politics of climate change that so raises some people’s hackles? Mike Hulme, a climate scientist and author at the University of East Anglia and a founding director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, is […]