‘Prominent climate researcher warns: we should not exaggerate problems’

Mike Hulme walking in front of a brick building.

I was interviewed about my latest book, ‘Climate Change Isn’t Everything‘, for the Dutch national TV programme ‘Nieuwsuur‘ on Sunday 3 March. The blurb for the news story runs, “He is certainly not a climate denier. But he does think that we are exaggerating the dangers of global warming. The Britisher Mike Hulme is a […]

‘Warm Planet, Cool Heads …’

The new Atlantis - Warm Planet, Cool Heads.

A review of ‘Climate Change Isn’t Everything’, by Nicholas Clairmont for the Fall 2023 issue of The New Atlantis magazine … “A new book warns against pushing all the world’s problems into the climate bucket”. Clairmont concludes his review … “By demanding a single answer for what to do about climate change, climatism seeks to […]

A group of people are sitting in a large room, engaging in conflict resolution.

Learning to Disagree Well

In her first Annual Address to Senate House since her inauguration in July as Cambridge Vice-Chancellor, Deborah Prentice highlighted the imperative for university students to learn to “disagree well” on difficult subjects.  To facilitate this learning, Prentice intends to...

Review of ‘Climate Change Isn’t Everything’ by Dr Volker Hahn

“If Hulme’s readers concede that the issue of climate change involves more ambiguity than perceivable in the public discourse, then this book will have served a purpose”. This review is written by Dr. Volker Hahn, a science journalist and a science communication expert in Leipzig, Germany. He has a Ph.D. in biogeochemistry from the Friedrich Schiller […]

Panic about a climate cliff edge helps no one.
Opinion column in The Times newspaper, published 25 July 2023, reproduced below. Based on my new book ‘Climate Change Isn’t Everything: Liberating Climate Politics From Alarmism‘ (Polity, 2023). “Towering above New York’s Union Square, a giant clock 80ft  wide...