Meeting Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood died on the 29 December 2022.  A larger than life character, I once had the opportunity to meet her – at her suggestion – to discuss her thoughts about climate change and a campaigning TV series, to be called ‘Get A Life’, she was wanting to pitch to the BBC.  This meeting with […]

‘Climate Change Isn’t Everything: Liberating Climate Politics From Alarmism’

My new book about the ideology of climatism will be published by Polity Press in late spring 2023. The manuscript has now been signed off and the book in production. A brief synopsis is provided below … “The changing climate poses serious dangers to human and non-human life alike, though perhaps the most urgent danger […]

Published today as open-access …

A Critical Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change is published today, 8th December, by Cambridge University Press as open-access. The book is edited by myself and Kari De Pryck and is available fully open-access. Click here for a flyer and a 20% discount on the (rather hefty) price of a printed hard-back copy.

‘Climate alone won’t define future worlds’

In response to Zeke Hausfather’s and colleagues’ commentary in Nature on 4 May 2022 about the problem of “hot” climate models, I had published today in Nature a short ‘correspondence’ item. The item is reproduced below. My point was to focus on their (rather casual) claim that “…despite some differences related to the rate of […]

‘Classics in human geography’: The science and politics of climate change

In 2001, David Demeritt published an article in the Annals of the Association of American Geographers titled, ‘The construction of global warming and the politics of science‘. It has been cited nearly 1000 times (Google Scholar). Now, more than two decades later, I and Rebecca Lave offer short retrospectives on the significance of Demeritt’s article […]