Review: “Inside the World of Climate Change Sceptics”

Read here my review, to appear in Public Understanding of Science, of Kristin Haltinner and Dilshani Sarathchandra’s new book. As I conclude my review … “[T]he art of politics is not to get everyone to agree with you, but rather to find allies with whom you can find joint ways forward, even if sometimes compromised. […]

‘Three institutional pathways to envision the future of the IPCC’

Our new Commentary about the future of the IPCC has been published in Nature Climate Change. The author team is almost identical to that which contributed to the CUP open-access book ‘A Critical Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change‘ (CUP, 2022), edited by Kari de Pryck and myself and our Commentary emerged from […]

“We Need Scientific Dissidents Now More Than Ever”

This brilliant short essay, posted on The Chronicle of Higher Education website two days ago, is written by Eric Winsberg is a professor of philosophy at the University of South Florida and a visiting professor of history and philosophy of science at the University of Cambridge. Winsberg absolutely nails the problems scientists create for themselves […]

Podcast: ‘The Geopolitics of Climate Change’

‘OnGeopolitics’ hosts, Ali Ansari and Suzanne Raine, are joined by Professor Mike Hulme, a climate change specialist, and author of Climate Change Isn’t Everything, who argues that the current approach to climate change targets and deadlines oversimplifies a complex problem and makes it less likely that we will meet them. You can listen to the […]

Review of ‘Climate Change Isn’t Everything’ by Dr Volker Hahn

“If Hulme’s readers concede that the issue of climate change involves more ambiguity than perceivable in the public discourse, then this book will have served a purpose”. This review is written by Dr. Volker Hahn, a science journalist and a science communication expert in Leipzig, Germany. He has a Ph.D. in biogeochemistry from the Friedrich Schiller […]

Opinion column in The Times newspaper, published 25 July 2023, reproduced below. Based on my new book ‘Climate Change Isn’t Everything: Liberating Climate Politics From Alarmism‘ (Polity, 2023). “Towering above New York’s Union Square, a giant clock 80ft  wide...

Mike Hulme on Andy Revkin’s ‘Sustain What?’ Podcast

July 6, 2023 “DESCRIPTION: Mike Hulme, a University of Cambridge geographer and longtime researcher focused on the human relationship to climate, worries that the idea of climate change might be more dangerous than the geophysical phenomenon itself. His latest book, provocatively titled “Climate Change Isn’t Everything” lays out his concerns about what he calls the […]