My 1987 ‘Climate Book of the Year’

Cover of the book titled "Climate Book: atmosphere, weather & climate" by Roger G. Barry and Richard J. Chorley, fifth edition, with a cloudy blue background.

Barry,R.G. and Chorley,R.J. (1987) Atmosphere, Weather and Climate (5th Edn.). London: Routledge. 460pp. This essay continues my series of monthly posts in which I select one ‘climate’ book to highlight and review from one of the 44 years of my professional career in climate research (starting with 1984, my first year of academic employment).  The […]

‘Prominent climate researcher warns: we should not exaggerate problems’

Mike Hulme walking in front of a brick building.

I was interviewed about my latest book, ‘Climate Change Isn’t Everything‘, for the Dutch national TV programme ‘Nieuwsuur‘ on Sunday 3 March. The blurb for the news story runs, “He is certainly not a climate denier. But he does think that we are exaggerating the dangers of global warming. The Britisher Mike Hulme is a […]

The new Atlantis - Warm Planet, Cool Heads.

‘Warm Planet, Cool Heads …’

A review of ‘Climate Change Isn’t Everything’, by Nicholas Clairmont for the Fall 2023 issue of The New Atlantis magazine … “A new book warns against pushing all the world’s problems into the climate bucket”. Clairmont concludes his review...

‘The dangerous obsession with Net-Zero’

Despite a heated debate at COP28 over whether the world should be phasing-out fossil fuels altogether, the governmental delegates in the end agreeing rather to “transition away from fossil fuels”, Net Zero remains the collectively agreed target. But as I argue in this post for the Institute of Arts and Ideas, Net Zero is both […]

A collage of various books and brochures on a white background, coming early in 2024.

Coming early in 2024 …

I will be starting a new series of book review essays on these pages early in the New Year, each month selecting one significant climate book to review in successive years from 1984 — the beginning of my professional...