Is it too late (to stop dangerous climate change)? – an editorial

Is it too late (to stop dangerous climate change)?

Today, WIREs Climate Change publishes on-line a special collection of nine opinion articles from hand-picked scholars around the world who each, in their own way, answer the question ‘Is it too late (to stop dangerous climate change)?’ You can read here my editorial as Editor-in-Chief which introduces this special collection. Mike Hulme, 24 October 2019

Climate Emergency Politics is Dangerous

Read my latest essay in Issues in Science & Technology, Volume 36, Fall Issue. Summary: Declarations of emergencies create ‘states of exception,’ often justified by governments under conditions of war, insurrection, or terrorist threat.  Emergencies promise the mass mobilization...

Pre-order Climate Change Debates

My new book Contemporary Climate Change Debates: A Student Primer is now advertised and available for pre-order. Read what the reviewers think of it. An e-book version will also be forthcoming after publication. You can read my Preface which explains the thinking behind the book, its pedagogic value and the layout of the questions and […]

Beyond climate solutionism

You can watch my speech at the 2019 Nobel Conference, ‘Climate Changed: Facing our Future’, hosted by Gustavus Adolphus College, Minnesota. My talk, titled ‘Beyond Climate Solutionism: Against the Metrification of Climate Change’, was followed by a panel discussion...

new MPhil in Anthropocene Studies

A new 11-month Master’s course studying, exploring and critiquing the idea of The Anthropocene I shall be Course Director for this new MPhil in Anthropocene Studies from the Department of Geography which commences in October 2020. Applications are now...