Review: “Inside the World of Climate Change Sceptics”

Read here my review, to appear in Public Understanding of Science, of Kristin Haltinner and Dilshani Sarathchandra’s new book. As I conclude my review … “[T]he art of politics is not to get everyone to agree with you, but rather to find allies with whom you can find joint ways forward, even if sometimes compromised. […]

‘Three institutional pathways to envision the future of the IPCC’

Our new Commentary about the future of the IPCC has been published in Nature Climate Change. The author team is almost identical to that which contributed to the CUP open-access book ‘A Critical Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change‘ (CUP, 2022), edited by Kari de Pryck and myself and our Commentary emerged from […]

‘Classics in human geography’: The science and politics of climate change

In 2001, David Demeritt published an article in the Annals of the Association of American Geographers titled, ‘The construction of global warming and the politics of science‘. It has been cited nearly 1000 times (Google Scholar). Now, more than two decades later, I and Rebecca Lave offer short retrospectives on the significance of Demeritt’s article […]

Negotiating Climate Change in Crisis

I have two chapters in the recently published book with OpenBook Publishers in Cambridge, ‘Negotiating Climate Change in Crisis: Social Science Perspectives‘. This is a collection of 28 essays written by social scientists, and edited by Steffen Böhm, Exeter...