Prospective PhD Students

I am interested to receive approaches from students who would like to study for a PhD with me in the areas of the cultural history of climate change, STS approaches to studying climate science and knowledge, representations and discourses of climate in the media, and the philosophy of climate and climate change.  Please state clearly your areas of interest.  General information about applying for PhD study in the Department of Geography at the University of Cambridge can be found here.

The following are examples of PhD topics which would interest me (contact me at <> for further information about these and other projects):

  • ‘Climategate and the remaking of climate science’
  • ‘Colonial knowledges and the making of African climate’
  • ‘The UK summer of 1976: an environmental history’
  • ‘Following the numbers: the origins and mobility of “sticky” numbers in climate change politics’
  • ‘How global temperature was made’
  • ‘Understanding adaptation to climate in the UK: 1800-2000’
  • ‘Weather forecasts in the British print media: 1859-2010’

Current and Forthcoming PhD students:

Noam Obermeister (started October 2018: ESRC-funded): What and how do experts learn from their encounters with the policy world?  The case of environmental expert advice in the UK

Maximilian Hepach (started October 2018: funded by AHRC and Cambridge European Scholarship): Under the weather: towards a phenomenological genealogy of weather and climate

David Durand-Delacre (started October 2018: funded by Cambridge European Scholarship): Production and circulation of knowledge about climate migration in the French national context

Friederike Hartz (started October 2020: funded by AHRC and Pembroke College): An investigation into the political philosophy of the IPCC using notions of responsibility

Madeleine Hahne (started October 2021: funded by Gates Foundation): The role of religious reasoning in resisting the claims of anthropogenic climate change among members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints