Prospective PhD Students

Owing to my planned retirement in 2027, I am no longer accepting approaches from new PhD students.


Current PhD students:

Friederike Hartz (started October 2020: funded by AHRC and Pembroke College): Making the future possible? The IPCC, its philosophy and responsibilities in climate science and policy.

Madeleine Ary Hahne (started October 2021: funded by Gates Foundation): Building Zion in the Anthropocene: The complex ways religion and geography inform climate belief

Richards Waters (starting October 2023: funded by ESRC): Anticipating the incalculable: the politics of urban climate migration models [provisional title]

Kofi Lee-Berman (starting October 2023: funded by Marshall scholarship): Bright clouds shade half the pond: Assessing the geopolitical significance of regional geoengineering over the Great Barrier Reef [provisional title]