Balancing a budget or running a deficit? The offset regime of carbon removal and solar geoengineering under a carbon budget

In this new article, published today in the journal Climatic Change, my colleagues Shin Asayama and Nils Markusson and I examine a paradox of adopting a carbon budget as a policy tool. The very idea of a finite carbon budget suggests a decisive focus on controlling carbon emissions to stop global warming. This would seem […]

‘Climate Change’: A Synopsis

My new book on climate change, in the Key Ideas in Geography series from Routledge, is published on 27 July 2021. You can pre-order paperback or Kindle editions now with a 20% discount. Here is a synopsis of the book and a brief explanation of how it relates to two of my previous books, Why […]

An Interview with Mike Hulme

Emeritus Professor Hans von Storch has been carrying out interviews with climate and atmospheric scientists for more than 25 years. I was von Storch’s 13th interview in this series, the interview conducted jointly with Professor Martin Claussen of the...
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