Climate ‘Medicines’ do not Alleviate the Symptoms of Climate Change

Sustaining popular support for long-run climate policies is confronted with a serious problem.  In nearly all other areas of public policy there are manifest experiential benefits for citizens that result from policy implementation.  But climate change is different.  Citizens who are called upon to support and bear the burden of climate policies in the name […]

Why setting a climate deadline is dangerous

The publication of the IPCC Special Report on global warming of 1.5 oC paved the way for the rise of the political rhetoric of setting a fixed deadline for decisive actions on climate change. However, the dangers of such deadline rhetoric suggest the need for the IPCC to take responsibility for its report and openly […]

Environmental Knowledges and the Politics of Expertise

I convene this Part 2 (final year) undergraduate course in the Department of Geography at Cambridge and co-teach it with Dr Amy Donovan and Dr Maan Barua. The course is concerned with the making and using of different kinds of environmental knowledges, engaging with literature from the geographies of science, science and technology studies and […]

Engineering climate debt

My colleague Shin Asayama and I have co-authored this new paper, titled “Engineering climate debt: temperature overshoot and peak-shaving as risky subprime mortgage lending”, which is now available open-access online in the journal Climate Policy. In this paper, we...

Previous PhD Students

I have acted as primary supervisor for 16 PhD students, all of whom have successfully completed their doctorates.  I have also been external or internal examiner for a further 27 PhD theses, in the UK, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands. Ramya Tella (2019): Knowledge, territoriality and the statecraft: the performance of authority in Indian climate […]