Podcast: ‘The Geopolitics of Climate Change’

‘OnGeopolitics’ hosts, Ali Ansari and Suzanne Raine, are joined by Professor Mike Hulme, a climate change specialist, and author of Climate Change Isn’t Everything, who argues that the current approach to climate change targets and deadlines oversimplifies a complex problem and makes it less likely that we will meet them. You can listen to the […]

Mike Hulme on Andy Revkin’s ‘Sustain What?’ Podcast

July 6, 2023 “DESCRIPTION: Mike Hulme, a University of Cambridge geographer and longtime researcher focused on the human relationship to climate, worries that the idea of climate change might be more dangerous than the geophysical phenomenon itself. His latest book, provocatively titled “Climate Change Isn’t Everything” lays out his concerns about what he calls the […]

How climate visions get constructed

In this episode of the Futurized podcast, host Trond Arne Undheim interviews me about how climate visions get constructed. The conversation explores something about my career studying climate change and in particular discusses some of the methods, data, and...

How to Frame Climate Change

This interview for the ‘Sustainability Agenda’ podcast with Fergal Byrne covers my expectations for COP26, the role and importance of the COPs in general, and the dangers of an overly scientific approach to climate change– a reductionist framing of...