PhD to professor: a conversation with Mike Hulme

Read here my conversation with the Pembroke College blog about my career in geography, some of the decisions I took on the way from PhD to Professor, the importance of interdisciplinary networks, the challenges facing graduate students and academics today, and the value of a geographer’s approach to climate change.

Climate change and Brexit: what to do when negotiations lead nowhere?

Last week saw conclusions to the latest round of two sets of negotiations.  One concerned the UK’s exit from the European Union (so-called Brexit) and the other the latest attempt by the world’s nations to consolidate a workable climate treaty (COP24 in Katowice, Poland).  Neither outcome was auspicious.  Perhaps there is a lesson for both […]

Climate in the Anthropocene

The idea of climate only makes sense when there is a degree of stability in some set of conditions, whether these be atmospheric, economic, political or moral. When everything is changing and no stable condition is possible — the...