‘Window of Opportunity’

This essay will appear in Connectedness – an Incomplete Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene, edited by Sidsel Kjaerulff Rasmussen and Marianne Krogh and published later in 2020 by Strandberg Publishing, Denmark. ….. “We have a window of only 10-15 years to take the steps we need to avoid crossing catastrophic tipping points.”  So said UK Prime […]

Climate Emergency Politics is Dangerous

Read my latest essay in Issues in Science & Technology, Volume 36, Fall 2019 Issue. Summary: Declarations of emergencies create ‘states of exception,’ often justified by governments under conditions of war, insurrection, or terrorist threat.  Emergencies promise the mass...

PhD to professor: a conversation with Mike Hulme

Read here my conversation with the Pembroke College blog about my career in geography, some of the decisions I took on the way from PhD to Professor, the importance of interdisciplinary networks, the challenges facing graduate students and academics today, and the value of a geographer’s approach to climate change.