“The Trick”: ‘Climategate’, the movie

The BBC have announced they have commissioned a movie about the 2009 Climategate controversy. Filming for “The Trick” will be starting shortly and some of the cast have been announced. The scriptwriter is Owen Sheers, author, poet and playwright and Professor of Creativity at University of Swansea, a position that “allows for research to be […]

„Wir sollten keinen Klimanotstand ausrufen“

Read here my interview with Welt journalist Axel Bojanowski, published online, 6 June 2021 (in German) … “As a renowned geographer, Mike Hulme warns of an alarmist climate policy. A conversation about good counterarguments, ambitious experts – and skeptics who have understood the real problem.”

The Manichean Mann. Review of ‘The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet’

Mann, M.E. (2021) The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet. New York: Public Affairs. Michael Mann has been in the climate wars for well over a decade now. As he reminds us frequently in this new book, he has been in the crosshairs of his enemies, has fought off the attack […]

The 2021 Eduard Brückner Prize

The Eduard Brückner Prize has been established for outstanding interdisciplinary achievements in climate research. The award is named after the outstanding geographer Eduard Brückner (1862-1927), who, in addition to researching the ice age climate in the Alps and the...