‘Why the old normal needs to be fought for’

My interview with Alastair Benn of Reaction news – about the emasculated politics of managing COVID-19 – is behind a paywall. You can read it in full below … =========================================== Mike Hulme is a Professor of Human Geography at the University of Cambridge. He is a world leading expert on climate change, national emergency and […]

Re-Socialising a Vaccinated World Requires Political Struggle

There is a naïve assumption that mass vaccination will allow social life in the UK to return to normal.  It is far from obvious that this is so.  As the authoritarian regulation of public life extends and continues, the erosion of collective and individual freedoms will only be reversed if citizens demand it. Science is […]

First, Do No Harm

An Open Letter from health professionals and scientists to the Prime Minister, coordinated by the UK parents’ advocacy group ‘Us for Them: The Parent Voice’. “We the undersigned British health professionals and scientists, wish to express our serious concern...

Long-COVID vs Collateral-COVID

The science journal Nature ran an editorial on 8 October under the title, “Let patients help define long-lasting COVID symptoms”. In my short response to this editorial, I argue that public policy which considers only COVID mortality and COVID-morbidity...