‘All in the mind’

ALL IN THE MIND.  Listen to this discussion on Australian national radio about my book, Why We Disagree About Climate Change.  I join anthropologist Jonathan Marshall and presenter Natasha Mitchell to discuss mythology, mental ecology and a changing climate.  Full transcript available.

‘Believing’ in climate change

(November)  WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO ‘BELIEVE’ IN CLIMATE CHANGE?  Read my reflections on the seminal UK legal case of Nicholson vs Grainger plc. in which an employment tribunal judge, Justice Sir Michael Burton, ruled on whether or not belief in climate change can be deemed to be ‘philosophical’.

Mike Hulme in India

Listen in to my on-line interview with India’s first and most respected science-and-environment magazine, Down to Earth, recorded during my recent visit to India.  Read too my interview with The Times of India on why we need more politics in climate change debates.

Re-creating climate

(October) RETHINK: contemporary art and climate change:  Mike Hulme’s essay Learning to accept re-created climates contributes to a new on-line forum where debaters from the all over the world engage with climate change, art and culture.  The writers are artists, philosophers, scientists, politicians, indigenes and business people with different views on how climate change affects the way we […]