‘Heated debate’ – feature article

(30 March)   Read my feature article on the climate change debate in the spring issue of the Royal Society of Arts’ Journal.  “There’s no such thing as right and wrong when it comes to tackling climate change.  That’s why we need to stop looking for scapegoats and engage in honest discussion”.

Reviews of Why We Disagree About Climate Change

Read these reviews of Why We Disagree About Climate Change, by: (26 March) Tim Dieppe of Henderson Global Investors – “It is the best book I have read on climate change.” (4 March) Professor Steve Yearley in The Times Higher – “This is a distinctive and courageous book.” (4 December) Karim Bardeesy from Toronto’s The Globe and […]

Claims About Mountain Glaciers

(23 January 2010)   Mountain glaciers have been very much in the news with the recent controversy about erroneous IPCC claims of disappearing Himalayan glaciers.  I have a paper ‘in press’ with the journal Science as Culture about another controversy about disappearing mountain glaciers, this time those on Mt Kilimanjaro.  You can read it here – Claiming and adjudicating […]

The end of a ‘unified framework’

(12 January)  Read my comments on the outcome of COP15 here at Seed Magazine.com, a US-based e-magazine reflecting on science, culture, innovation and society.   My argument is that we must use the 12 months until Mexico City to cut our losses and rethink a more pragmatic set of approaches for managing climate and its attendant risks.

Climate Datasets

I no longer work actively on the construction, evaluation and analysis of observational datasets, although much of my work in the 1990s was concerned with these aspects of climate change.  The datasets of global precipitation and the standard monthly climatologies for global land areas are maintained now by the Climatic Research Unit.  Enquiries should be directed […]