New book: “Weathered: Cultures of Climate”

Weathered: Cultures of Climate, will be published by SAGE in November 2016.  This book in many ways is a prequel to Why We Disagree About Climate Change (CUP, 2009), in the sense that it deepens our understanding of the idea of climate, a precursor to understanding reasons for disagreeing about climate change.

In Weathered, I open up the many ways in which the idea of climate is given shape and meaning in different human cultures – how climates are historicized, known, changed, lived with, blamed, feared, represented, predicted, governed and, at least putatively, re-designed.  This is a groundbreaking text for all students and scholars interested in climate.


“Hulme’s remarkable achievement is to humanise climate, without losing sight of the larger challenges; this is where the book cannot but affect the reader.”

Kirsten Hastrup, Professor of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen


“This is a milestone for interdisciplinary climate research and a must-read for all scholars and students trying to understand how a human being-in-the-world is a being-in-climate.”

Eva Horn, Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies, University of Vienna


“Mike Hulme has delivered beautifully in this highly accessible, boldly insightful, and elegant book.  Anyone who cares about climate—from climate scientists and policymakers to journalists, geographers, historians, students, and activists—should read this book.”

Mark Carey, Author of In the Shadow of Melting Glaciers: Climate Change and Andean Society, University of Oregon


“In his bracing new book, Mike Hulme guides his readers, clearly and accessibly, through the cultural worlds of climate. Weathered introduces students from many subjects to the many meanings and functions of climate … and challenges scholars in many fields of science and the humanities to see beyond their specialisms.”

Stephen Daniels, Professor of Cultural Geography, University of Nottingham

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