WIREs Climate Change – rising impact factor

The new journal impact factors for 2017 announced in June show the growing citation success of the journal which I edit, WIREs Climate Change.   Our Thomson-Reuters JIF for 2016 was 5.12, the highest we have been since the journal launched in 2010.  This places WIREs Climate Change 5th in the ‘meteorology and atmospheric science’ list and 7th in the ‘environmental studies’ list.  The new Elsevier CiteScore, calculated in a slightly different way to the JIF, scores WIREs Climate Change for 2017 as 5.70, which places the journal 2nd most cited in the field of ‘atmospheric science’ (well ahead of journals such as Climatic Change) and 4th most cited in the field of ‘geography & development’ (well ahead of journals such as Transactions of the IBG and the Annals of the AAG).