Publications 1996

Airey,M.J., Hulme,M. and Johns,T. (1996) Evaluation of simulations of precipitation by the UK Met. Office/Hadley Centre model Geophys. Res. Letts., 23, 1657-1660. Barrow,E.M. and Hulme,M. (1996) The changing probabilities of daily temperature extremes in the UK related to future global warming and changes in climate variability Climate Research, 6, 21-31 Barrow,E.M., Hulme,M. and Semenov,M. (1996) […]

Publications 1995

Airey,M. and Hulme,M. (1995) Validating precipitation simulations by climate models: problems, methods and applications Prog. in Phys. Geography, 19, 427-448 Hulme,M. (1995) Estimating changes in global precipitation Weather, 50, 34-42 Hulme,M., Conway,D., Jones,P.D., Barrow,E.M., Jiang,T. and Turney,C. (1995) A 1961-90 climatology for Europe for climate change modelling and impacts applications Int. J. Climatol., 15, 1333-1363. […]

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