ADAM project delivers its key findings

  The EU-funded ADAM project (Adaptation and Mitigation Strategies: Supporting European Climate Policy) which I have been coordinating delivered its key findings at a final policy conference, in Brussels from 12-14 May 2009. The ADAM final report – Hulme,M., Neufeldt,H. and Colyer,H. (eds.) (2009)   Adaptation and mitigation strategies: supporting European climate policy.  The final report from the ADAM project.  […]

On The Guardian’s Science Weekly podcast

(11 May 2009)  Listen to this Science Weekly podcast at The Guardian newspaper: What is it about the science and politics of climate change that so raises some people’s hackles? Mike Hulme, a climate scientist and author at the University of East Anglia and a founding director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research, is […]

Major Publications 2008

Hulme,M. and Dessai,S. (2008) Predicting, deciding, learning: can one evaluate the ‘success’ of national climate scenarios? Environmental Research Letters  3(4),  7pp.  doi:10.1088/1748-9326/3/4/045013 Hulme,M. (2008)  To what climate are we adapting?  ECOS  29(3/4),  80-85 Dessai,S. and Hulme,M. (2008)  How do UK climate scenarios compare with recent observations? Atmospheric Science Letters doi: 10.1002/asl.197 O’Neill,S.J., Osborn,T.J., Hulme,M., Lorenzoni,I. and […]

Articles, Reviews, Talks

Book review of ‘Ten technologies to save the planet’ by Chris Goodall, in Third Way, March 2009, p.38 To what climate are we adapting?  ECOS: A review of Conservation 29(3/4),  80-85 (Dec 2008) Amid the financial storm: redirecting climate change Read this viewpoint article on the openDemocracy web site (31 Oct 2008) To what climate are […]

What message, and whose, from Copenhagen?

The Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in March concluded with a declaration saying that the most serious warnings on climate change were coming true, and calling for immediate “action”.  But, argues Mike Hulme in the BBC Green Room, it is not clear what action was being called for, nor precisely who was calling for it.

Family history

My book “Imagined Memories and the Seductive Quest for a Family History” was published by Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd. in February 2008.  It is available on-line at Amazon at £8.99 or else from the author at mi*******@bt********.com. Synopsis ‘From accidental beginnings, Mike Hulme’s interest in genealogy grew first into a hobby and then into a catalyst […]