Climate change and Syrian war

Marwa Daoudy, a political scientist from Georgetown University, Washington DC, has just published her new book with Cambridge University Press — ‘The Origins of the Syrian Conflict: Climate Change and Human Security‘. Daoudy examines critically the claim that the...

Recruiting a new post-doc

Making Climate History A new Leverhulme-funded project in the Departments of History and Philosophy of Science and Geography, University of Cambridge We are soliciting applications for these new poisitions to work on this project (note the different closing dates):             • One research and teaching associate in the Dept. of Geography (2020–24) – closing date 9 March […]

Climate Change in Court

Last Friday, 17 January, a US court “reluctantly” quashed a climate lawsuit brought by 21 young people against the US government.  The judge determined that “the plaintiffs’ impressive case for redress must be presented to the political branches of...

Major Publications 2019

Asayama,S. and Hulme,M. (2019)  Engineering climate debt: temperature overshoot and peak shaving as risky subprime mortgage lending  Climate Policy  19(8), 937-946  Asayama,S., Bellamy,R., Geden,O., Pearce,W. and Hulme,M. (2019)  Why setting a climate deadline is dangerous  Nature Climate Change  9(8), 570-572 Boas,I., Farbotko,C., Adams,H. …. Black,R. and Hulme,M. (2019)  Climate migration myths  Nature Climate Change  9(12), […]