Ofcom ruling on C4 ‘Swindle’ programme

“Today’s ruling on The Great Global Warming Swindle by Ofcom will do little to settle matters of dispute about the significance of risks associated with climate change or about our social and policy responses to those risks.  What it shows – as with the High Court ruling last October about Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth – is that it is no longer possible to separate climate change science cleanly from its political and ideological representations.   That legal and regulatory institutions are being used to adjudicate claims about the ‘scientific accuracy’ of various representations of climate change, not only shows the high political stakes involved, but also that climate change is now as much a social phenomenon as it is a physical one.”


Professor Mike Hulme

21 July 2008

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  1. The effects of Global Warming is getting much stronger these days. We should concentrate more on alternative energy to reduce carbon emissions.

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