New publication: ‘Climate migration myths’

I am a co-author on this new commentary in Nature Climate Change published today, led by my colleagues Ingrid Boas from Wageningen University and Carol Farbotko at Griffith University, Australia.

Abstract. Misleading claims about mass migration induced by climate change continue to surface in both academia and policy. This requires a new research agenda on ‘climate mobilities’ that moves beyond simplistic assumptions and more accurately advances knowledge of the nexus between human mobility and climate change.

Conclusion. Border securitization in current global, regional and national politics has infiltrated science policy. It is biasing public discourse and scientific and policy debates, despite the paucity of supporting evidence.19 To move beyond the securitization of climate-related migration, a new research agenda is needed. Our six priorities offer a substantially different agenda on ‘climate mobilities’ that prioritizes exploration rather than minimization of the complexity of the nexus between human mobility and climate change.