Nature’s editorial about the IPCC and Mike Hulme’s new book

This week’s issue of Nature (2 March 2023), includes an editorial which discusses the book I edited with my colleague Kari de Pryck and which was published open-access in December: ‘A Critical Assessment of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change‘ (CUP, 2022).  Nature‘s editorial describes it as a book that “takes an in-depth look at the IPCC [and] helps to explain why the climate panel and IPBES remain two of a kind — and why we might not see their like again”. The book was written collaboratively with 33 other social scientists and includes chapters on the IPCC’s formation and governance, who participates in it, and what its future might be. Nature‘s editorial rightly concludes that it is “an IPCC-style assessment of the IPCC itself.”