Major Publications 2015

Borie,M. and Hulme,M. (2015) Framing global biodiversity: IPBES between Mother Earth and ecosystem services Environmental Science & Policy 54, 487-496

Hulme,M. (2015) (Still) Disagreeing about climate change: which way forward? Zygon: A Journal of Religion and Science 50(4), 893-905

Hulme,M. (2015) Afterword: The many uses of climate change pp.289-299 in: Climate cultures: anthropological perspectives on climate change (eds) Barnes,J. and Dove,M.R., Yale University Press, New Haven CT, 319pp.

Hulme,M. (2015) Changing what exactly, and from where? A response to Castree Dialogues in Human Geography 5(3), 322-326

Hulme,M. (2015) Editor’s introduction: the cultures of climate pp.xxiii-xlviii in: Climates and cultures: SAGE Library of the Environment (ed.) Hulme,M., SAGE, London, 1666pp.

Hulme,M. (2015) Engineering the Earth’s climate. Can we? Should we? Geography Review 29(1), 38-41

Hulme,M. (2015) Finding the message of the Pope’s Encyclical Environment Magazine 57(6), 16-19

Hulme,M. (2015) Knowledge pluralism pp.555-565 (chapter 49) in: Research handbook on climate governance (eds.) Bäckstrand,K. and Lövbrand,E., Edward Elgar Publishing, Cheltenham, UK, 602pp.

Hulme,M. (2015) Better weather? The cultivation of the sky Cultural Anthropology 30(2), 236-244

Hulme,M. (2015) Climate Environmental Humanities 6, 175-178

Hulme,M. (2015) Climate and its changes: a cultural appraisal GEO: Geography and Environment 2(1), 1-11

Hulme,M. (ed.) (2015) Climates and cultures: SAGE Library of the Environment 6 Vols., SAGE, London, 1872pp.

Lövbrand,E., Beck,S., Chilvers,J., Forsyth,T., Hedren,J., Hulme,M., Lidskog,R. and Vasileiadou,E. (2015) The ontological politics of the Anthropocene: a critical research agenda for the social sciences Global Environmental Change 32, 211-218

Sillmann,J., Lenton,T., Levermann,A., Ott,K., Hulme,M., Benduhn,F. and Horton,J.B. (2015) Climate emergency – no argument for climate engineering Nature Climate Change 5(4), 290-292

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