Major publications 2014

Hulme,M. (2014) WIREs Climate Change after 4 years: an editorial essay WIREs Climate Change 5(1), 1-5

Beck,S. …., Hulme,M. … and 14 co-authors (2014) Towards a reflexive turn in the governance of global environmental expertise. The cases of the IPCC and the IPBES   GAiA 23/2, 80–87

Hulme,M. (2014) Climate change and virtue: an apologetic Humanities 3(3), 299-312

Hulme,M. (2014) Attributing weather extremes to ‘climate change’: A review Progress in Physical Geography 38(4), 499-511

Hulme,M. (2014) Commentary on Part I: Beyond climate, beyond change pp.55-59 in: Culture, politics and climate change: how information shapes our common future (eds.) Crow,D.A. and Boykoff,M.T., Routledge, Abingdon UK/New York, 234pp.

Hulme,M. (2014)  Streitfall Klimawandel: warum es für die größte Herausforderung keine einfachen Lösungen gibt (German edition of ‘Why we disagree about climate change’)  trans. by Jörg Matschullat et al., Oekom Verlag, Münich, Germany, 381pp.

Mahony,M. and Hulme,M. (2014) The colour of risk: expert judgment and diagrammatic reasoning in the IPCC’s ‘burning embers’  pp.105-126 in: Image politics of climate change: visualizations, imaginations, documentations (eds.) Schneider,B. and Nocke,T., Transcript Verlag, Bielefeld, Germany, 388pp.

Hulme,M. (2014) Can science fix climate change? A case against climate engineering Polity, Cambridge, UK, 158pp.

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