‘Grasping the Intangible – Our Climate Change Predicament’

In the summer of 2021, my book ‘Climate Change’ was published by Routledge in their Key Ideas in Geography series. It has been selling steadily in the months following and is now being picked up on reading lists around the world and through citations.

It has also been reviewed in a few places, the latest of which can be found here, by Mark Goldthorpe on his Climate Cultures website. I first met Mark more than 20 years ago, whilst working at UEA, and in the context of my work in the 1990s and early 2000s on climate scenarios and impacts assessments. At the time, Mark was helping public, private and non-profit organisations large and small to improve their environmental performance and society’s resilience to a changing climate. He is now a freelance climate consultant, working especially with people in the creative industries.

His review of ‘Climate Change’ offers an excellent overview of my framing of climate change.

Mike Hulme, 5 November 2022