Current and Recent Funded Projects

Information about current and recently completed research projects for which I am/was the Principal, or Co-Principal, Investigator.

Current Research Contracts

Framing energy futures and risk: exploring public understandings, 2007-2011 (with Irene Lorenzoni and Jacquie Burgess) (Leverhulme Energy, £216,000)

Recently Completed Contracts and Grants

ADAM: adaptation and mitigation strategies in support of European climate policy, 2006-2009 (EU DG-Research, €11,950,000)

Tyndall Centre (Phase 2), 2006-2009 (contract with NERC, EPSRC and ESRC worth £5.7m).

Simplicity, complexity and modelling, 2006-2008 (with Suraje Dessai) (EPSRC, £18,000)

Tyndall Centre Phase 1 (plus extension), 2000-2006 (NERC, EPSRC, ESRC, £10,897,000).  You can read here an independent assessment by PA Consulting Group of the economic impact of the Tyndall Centre, commissioned by Research Councils UK, October 2007.

Towards a research agenda for climate stabilisation, 2004-2005 (Defra, £68,000)

Adaptation and vulnerability in Europe, 2004-2006 (European Environment Agency, €160,000)

Tyndall Centre Business Liaison function, 2000-2005 (DTI, £358,000)

UKCIP02 climate change scenarios, 2000-2002 (Defra, £160,000)

Climate Observations and Model Evaluation, 1999-2001 (UK DETR: £195,338): evaluating climate model performance, especially with regard to the Hadley Centre

ECLAT-2 Concerted Action, 1998-2001 (EU DGXII: €248,900): towards the improvement of climate change scenario development and application

ACACIA Concerted Action, 1998-2000 (EU DGXII: expenses only): assessing the potential effects of climate change in Europe

Climate Change Scenarios for Wales, 1999-2000 (National Assembly of Wales): contribution to a ‘Scoping Study of Climate Change Impacts in Wales’

Climate Change in the UK, 1999-2000 (UK Department of Health): contribution to a DoH report ‘Climate Change and Health in the UK’

Regional weather scenarios for Scotland, 2000 (Scottish Executive: £17,076): analysis of Regional Climate Model experiment for Scotland

Database of global climate change impacts, 2000 (UK DETR: £19,283): joint project with W.S.Atkins and Centre for Ecology and Hydrology

Country Climate Change Scenarios, 1999 (WWF: $142,000): national scenario leaflets for 15 countries

UKCIP98 Climate Change Scenarios, 1998 (UK DETR: £17,500): the national climate change scenarios for the UK Climate Impacts Programme

CLIVARA, 1995-1998 (EU DGXII: £55,000): climate change, climate variability and agriculture in Europe

Climate Change and Southern Africa, 1994-1996 (WWF International: £86,500): an exploration of some potential impacts and implications