Response to Philip Kitcher

(28 May)  In Philip Kitcher’s wide-ranging essay in Science on ‘The Climate Change Debates’ I am struck by two things – which are not very new, but which are very important. First, is how the framing and public discourse around climate change differs between countries: as Kitcher puts it, where ‘societies … are inclined to see […]

Reviews of Why We Disagree About Climate Change

Read these reviews of Why We Disagree About Climate Change, by: (26 March) Tim Dieppe of Henderson Global Investors – “It is the best book I have read on climate change.” (4 March) Professor Steve Yearley in The Times Higher – “This is a distinctive and courageous book.” (4 December) Karim Bardeesy from Toronto’s The Globe and […]

Chosen by The Economist as one of the ‘books of the year’

(4 December) One of The Economist magazine’s select ‘Books of the year’: Why We Disagree About Climate Change: understanding controversy, inaction and opportunity.  The citation says “How global warming has been transformed from a physical phenomenon that is measurable and observable by scientists into a social, cultural and political one, by a professor of climate […]

‘All in the mind’

ALL IN THE MIND.  Listen to this discussion on Australian national radio about my book, Why We Disagree About Climate Change.  I join anthropologist Jonathan Marshall and presenter Natasha Mitchell to discuss mythology, mental ecology and a changing climate.  Full transcript available.