new MPhil in Anthropocene Studies

A new 11-month Master’s course studying, exploring and critiquing the idea of The Anthropocene I shall be Course Director for this new MPhil in Anthropocene Studies from the Department of Geography which commences in October 2020. Applications are now...

Environmental Knowledges and the Politics of Expertise

I convene this Part 2 (final year) undergraduate course in the Department of Geography at Cambridge and co-teach it with Dr Amy Donovan and Dr Maan Barua. The course is concerned with the making and using of different kinds of environmental knowledges, engaging with literature from the geographies of science, science and technology studies and […]

New MA in Climate Change launched

New for 2015/6: MA in Climate Change: History, Culture, Society. King’s College London is offering a new multi-disciplinary MA in Climate Change: History, Culture, Society led by Professor Mike Hulme, founding director of the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research.  [NB. added May 2018: Since I have left KCL this programme is now led by […]

Teaching at King’s College London (post-2013)

During Academic Year 2016/17 I will only be teaching the postgraduate Module listed below, ‘Climate Change and Culture‘.  In previous years I have convened the following Modules at King’s College London: Postgraduate: 7SSG5208 – Climate Change and Culture.  This Master’s module offered in the Department of Geography explores the underlying reasons why different people in […]

Teaching at the University of East Anglia (pre-2013)

I convene a 3rd year undergraduate module The human geography of climate change (ENV-3A40), a core contribution to the School’s BSc/MSci in Environmental Geography and Climate Change.  For academic year 2012/13 this Module runs during Semester 2 (January to March).   The Module syllabus can be viewed here. Synopsis for ENV-3A40: The Human Geography of Climate Change The risks and opportunities associated with climate […]