Video: Imagining Change

(16 April)  Imagining Change: Coastal Conversations is a new 17 minute film which features three projects from the AHRC Lanscape and Environment Programme for which I was an advisor.  The film showcases different kinds of creative engagements between arts and humanities scholars and coastal landscapes and is suggestive of how environmental sciences and humanities can together understand the cultural dimensions […]

Mike Hulme in Australia

(19 May)  Various talks and interviews from my recent visit to Australia are now available on-line.  You can listen here to an interview with me on the ABC radio show Artworks about climate change and the role of science museums, broadcast on Sunday 8 May.  The interview is 20 minutes long and also includes discussion with […]

12 months since Climategate

(14 December)  Listen to me being interviewed about my views on the last 12 months of climate change – science, policy, society – at ThinkGloballyRadio, a Swedish local radio station (search episode archive for 5 December 2010 – ‘101205’).

Climate change, culture and time

(16 December)   Listen to this panel discussion (available through iTunes, choose item #9) on ‘Climate change, culture and time’, part of the OU’s Mediating Climate Change project which seeks to explore the wider cultural dimensions of climate change.

‘All in the mind’

ALL IN THE MIND.  Listen to this discussion on Australian national radio about my book, Why We Disagree About Climate Change.  I join anthropologist Jonathan Marshall and presenter Natasha Mitchell to discuss mythology, mental ecology and a changing climate.  Full transcript available.