Inaugural lecture podcast

(23 November)  My inaugural lecture at King’s College London – ‘Studying climate and its changes: in places, with numbers, through myths’ – is now available as a podcast here, with slides available at Academia.Edu here.

‘Climate change: Inconvenient facts?’

(31 March)  ‘Climate change: Inconvenient facts?’ Costing the Earth on BBC Radio 4, broadcast today 3.30pm (also tomorrow at 9pm). I am one of four panelists discussing what happens when observed climatic behaviour doesn’t conform to the standard climate change narrative.  If both Michael Mann and Andrew Montford think it is a biased frame and a […]

Can climate change be seen?

(6 February)  ‘Can climate change be seen?’  You can see here my short remarks on this question which I prepared for a screening of the movie Chasing Ice, which was shown at King’s College London on Monday evening this week.   The SoundCloud of the full public event, with supporting material, is available here.

Debating climate engineering with David Keith

(2 December 2013)  You can watch here on YouTube my debate with David Keith – ‘The Case For and Against Solar Climate Engineering’ – which took place at the Oxford Martin School, Oxford University, on Monday 2 December, 2013.  My book ‘Can Science Fix Climate Change? A Case Against Climate Engineering’ is published April 2014 […]