Major publications 2011

Bellamy,R. and Hulme,M. (2011)  Beyond the tipping point: understanding perceptions of abrupt climate change and their implications  Weather, Climate and Society  3(1),  48-60 Hulme,M. (2011)   Reducing the future to climate: a story of climate determinism and reductionism  Osiris  26 (1),  245-266 Hulme,M. (2011)   Meet the humanities  Nature Climate Change  1(4), 177-179 Hulme,M., O’Neill,S.J. and Dessai,S. […]

Major publications 2010

Hulme,M. (2010)   Cosmopolitan climates: hybridity, foresight and meaning   Theory, Culture and Society   27(2/3),  267-276 Hulme,M. (2010)   Four meanings of climate change   Chapter 2 (pp.37-58) in: Future ethics: climate change and apocalyptic imagination  (ed.) Skrimshire,S.,  Continuum Press,  London  Hulme,M. (2010)  Claiming and adjudicating on Kilimanjaro’s shrinking glaciers: Guy Callendar, Al Gore and extended peer communities Science as […]

Major Publications 2009

Adger, W. N., Huq, S., Brown, K., Conway, D. and Hulme, M. (2009) Adaptation to climate change in the developing world   pp.161-185 in, Earthscan reader in adaptation to climate change  (eds.) Schipper, E. L. and Burton, I.,  Earthscan,  London   Adger,W.N., Dessai,S., Goulden,M., Hulme,M., Lorenzoni,I., Nelson,D., Otto-Naess,L., Wolf,J. and Wreford,A. (2009)   Are there social limits […]

Major Publications 2008

Hulme,M. and Dessai,S. (2008) Predicting, deciding, learning: can one evaluate the ‘success’ of national climate scenarios? Environmental Research Letters  3(4),  7pp.  doi:10.1088/1748-9326/3/4/045013 Hulme,M. (2008)  To what climate are we adapting?  ECOS  29(3/4),  80-85 Dessai,S. and Hulme,M. (2008)  How do UK climate scenarios compare with recent observations? Atmospheric Science Letters doi: 10.1002/asl.197 O’Neill,S.J., Osborn,T.J., Hulme,M., Lorenzoni,I. and […]

Major Publications 2007

Hulme,M. (2007) Understanding climate change: the power and the limit of science (viewpoint article) Weather 62(9), 243-244. Andronova,N., Schlesinger,M.E., Dessai,S., Hulme,M. and Li,B. (2007) The concept of climate sensitivity: history and development pp.5-17 in, Human-induced climate change: an inter-disciplinary assessment (eds.) Schlesinger,M.E., Khesgi,H., Smith,J., Chesnaye,F., Reily,J.M., Wilson,T. and Kolstad,C., Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK, 451pp. […]

Major Publications 2006

Hulme,M. (2006) We need a change of climate to survive Times Higher Educational Supplement (6 Jan), p.14 Hulme,M. and Minns,A. (2006) Truly useful: doing climate change research that is useful for both theory and practice Tyndall Centre, Norwich, UK, 32pp. Hulme,M. (2006) Unexpected interest in an element Book review of ‘Carbon and its domestication’ Mannion,A., […]

Publications 2005

Adger,W.N., Brown,K. and Hulme,M. (2005) Redefining global environmental change Global Environmental Change 15(1), 1-4 Dessai,S., Lu,X. and Hulme,M. (2005) Limited sensitivity analysis of regional climate change probabilities for the 21st century J. Geophys. Research (Atmospheres) 110(D19108), doi:10.1029/2005JD005919 Hulme,M. (2005) Global warming and African climate change: a re-assessment pp.29-40 in, Climate change and Africa (ed.) Low,P.S., […]

Publications 2004

Dai,A., Lamb,P.J., Trenberth,K.E., Hulme,M., Jones,P.D., and Xie,P. (2004) The recent Sahel drought is real International Journal of Climatology 24(11), 1323-1331 Dessai,S., Adger,W.N., Hulme,M., Kohler,J., Turnpenny,J. and Warren,R. (2004) Defining and experiencing dangerous climate change Climatic Change, 64, 11-25 Dessai,S. and Hulme,M. (2004) Does climate adaptation policy need probabilities? Climate Policy, 4, 107-128 Hulme,M. (2004) A […]

Publications 2003

Adger,W.N., Huq,S., Brown,K., Conway,D. and Hulme,M. (2003) Adaptation to climate change in the developing world Progress in Development Studies, 3, 179-195 Dessai,S., Adger,W.N., Hulme,M., Kohler,J., Turnpenny,J. and Warren,R. (2003) Defining and experiencing dangerous climate change Tyndall Centre Working Paper No.28, Tyndall Centre, Norwich, UK, 12pp. Dessai,S. and Hulme,M. (2003) Does climate policy need probabilities? Tyndall […]