Can science fix climate change? The case against climate engineering

Hulme-CanScienceFixClimateChange?(13 April 2015)  Read these reviews of Can Science Fix Climate Change?  A Case Against Climate Engineering: in Progress in Physical Geography (Noel Castree), from the London School of Economics (Amelia Sharman) and the Australian Institute of International Affairs (Shiobhan Neyland).

(20 April 2014)  NOW PUBLISHED!   Can science fix climate change? The case against climate engineering‘ with Polity Press.  The book argues against the research and deployment of large-scale sunlight reflection methods, especially stratospheric aerosol injection, as a response to climate change.  The book is the second in their New Human Frontiers series.  Here is a brief summary:

“In this book I outline the reasons why I believe this particular climate fix—creating a thermostat for the planet–is undesirable, ungovernable and unreliable.  It is undesirable because regulating global temperature is not the same thing as controlling local weather and climate.  It is ungovernable because there is no plausible and legitimate process for deciding who sets the world’s temperature.  And it is unreliable because of the law of unintended consequences: deliberate intervention with the atmosphere on a global-scale will lead to unpredictable, dangerous and contentious outcomes.  I make my position clear: I do not wish to live in this brave new climate-controlled world.  In Aldous Huxley’s 1932 novel ‘Brave New World’, his ironic Utopia was brought about by totalitarian engineering of the human subject–‘Yes, everybody’s happy now’.  For those promoting the virtues of designer climates the equivalent pathological Utopia would be brought about by totalitarian engineering of the planet.”