Books Published

Hulme,M. (2013)  Exploring climate change through science and in society: an anthology of Mike Hulme’s essays, interviews and speeches  Routledge, Abingdon, 353pp.

Hulme,M. and Neufeldt,H. (eds.) (2010)   Making climate change work for us: European perspectives on adaptation and mitigation strategies  Cambridge University Press,  Cambridge,  464pp.

Hulme,M. (2009)  Why we disagree about climate change: understanding controversy, inaction and opportunity available at: Cambridge University Press,  Cambridge,  393pp.

Hulme,M. (2008)  Imagined Memories and the Seductive Quest for a Family History Grosvenor House Publishing Ltd., Guildford, 276pp. (published February 2008) (available from Amazon priced £8.99)

Hulme,M., Jenkins,G.J., et al. (2002) Climate change scenarios for the UK: the UKCIP02 scientific report Tyndall Centre, Norwich, 120pp.

Hulme,M. and Jenkins,G.J. (1998) Climate change scenarios for the UK Climatic Research Unit, Norwich, 80pp.

Hulme,M. and Barrow,E.M. (eds.) (1997) Climates of the British Isles: present, past and future Routledge, London, 454pp.