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Book review of ‘Ten technologies to save the planet’ by Chris Goodall, in Third Way, March 2009, p.38

To what climate are we adapting?  ECOS: A review of Conservation 29(3/4),  80-85 (Dec 2008)

Amid the financial storm: redirecting climate change Read this viewpoint article on the openDemocracy web site (31 Oct 2008)

To what climate are we adapting? – a feature article for BBC news on-line about how we use climate forecasts to prepare for the future (30 Sep 2008)

Reflecting on good and useful climate models Ogmius vol.22 (summer 2008)  Newsletter of the Centre for Science and Technology Policy Research,  University of Colorado,  Boulder

The Star Wars solution to climate change that will crash back to Earth Times Higher Education,  26 June 2008,  pp.24-25

(with Dessai,S.)  Ventures should not overstate aims just to secure funding Nature, 19 June, 453, p.979

Three meanings of climate change: lamenting Eden, presaging Apocalypse and constructing Babel‘   Presentation to the Future Ethics workshop, ‘What is to be done? – apocalyptic rhetoric and political action’  University of Manchester,  13 Jun 2008.  View interview on You Tube here.

Das Vokabular zur Katastrophe: Wie wir uber den Klimawandel reden (in German)  Kulturaustausch 2008, Issue 2 (April), p.46

Less heat, more light, please Book review of ‘The Hot Topic: how to tackle global warming and still keep the lights on’ by Gabrielle Walker and David King, Times Higher Education, 21 Feb 2008

Overheated, underpowered Book review of ‘The Hot Topic: how to tackle global warming and still keep the lights on’ by Gabrielle Walker and David King, The Independent,  18 January 2008,  Review Supplement, p.25

Is climate change really a security threat?  Read this viewpoint article Climate security: the new determinism, on the OpenDemocracy web site (21 Dec 2007).

I acted as a discussant for Professor William Cronon’s lecture Saving Nature in Time: why environmentalism needs history as much as science at Harvard University on Thursday 29 November 2007.

Book review of ‘A moral climate: the ethics of global warming’ by Michael Northcott, in Third Way, December 2007, p.27.

I presented this seminar, ‘Three meanings of climate change: lamenting Eden, presaging Apoclaypse, constructing Babel‘ at the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at the University of Cambridge on Tuesday 30 October, 2007. You can listen here.

I participated in a debate The science and politics of climate change at the Institute of Ideas’ 2007 Battle of Ideas on Sunday 28 October in London. You can watch here.

Why did Al Gore win the Nobel Peace Prize? Read this viewpoint article Climate change: issue or magnifier? on the OpenDemocracy website (19 October 2007).

The value of barefoot life Book review of ‘The Earth only endures: on reconnecting with nature and our place in it’ by Jules Pretty, The Times Higher Educational Supplement 22 June 2007, p.22

Setting goals for global climate governance: an inter-disciplinary perspective Keynote talk presented at the IHDP/HDGEC Conference “Earth System Governance: theories, methods, tools” at IVM, Amsterdam, 24 May 2007

Understanding climate change: the power and the limit of science – viewpoint article published in the magazine Weather 62(9), 243-244.

The appliance of science: a commentary in The Guardian on Singer and Avery’s book ‘Unstoppable warming’ (14 Mar 2007). Re-interpreted by Melanie Phillips in the Daily Mail.

The limits of the Stern Review for climate change policy-making An editorial in the Bulletin of the British Ecological Society 38(1), pp.20-21 (March 2007).

“Newspaper scare headlines can be counter-productive” – a letter to Nature (22 Feb 2007)

“A non-skeptical heresy: taking the science out of climate change” – a speech delivered to the Cambridge Research on Arts Social Sciences and Humanities (CRASSH) debate on climate change (15 Feb 2007)

No fig leaf for Eden’s destroyers Book review of ‘The end of the wild’ by Stephen M Meyer, Times Higher Educational Supplement 22 Feb 2007, p.22

Mike Hulme on John Constable’s cloud study in the Tate Modern Newsletter (Dec 2006)

Chaotic world of climate truth – a feature article for BBC news on-line about the use of language in talking about climate change (4 Nov 2006)

We need a change of climate to survive Commentary in the Times Higher Educational Supplement, 6 January 2006, p.14

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